Laura Mole Young People and Teenager Anxiety Counselling

I'm a counsellor helping people to find their happiness

Teenagers, adults and parents. 

I work with many different issues, and specialise in Anxiety.

Individual sessions are online. 

Anxiety can make us feel:

What would it feel like to:

Like we are not good enough

Scared to do or say the wrong thing

Physically and Mentally Exhausted

Walk into a room and not care what people think?

Enjoy time with your friends without overthinking?

Stop the panic attacks from happening?

How I Can Help



Support for teenagers from 13+


Supportive, confidential help through difficult times


Supporting you to help your child



Hi, I'm Laura, a qualified counsellor working in the heart of Muswell Hill, North London.  I love my work and the different people I get to meet every day. 

Helping people to feel more confident about themselves, happier, and less worried is such a wonderful job, it's like no other. 

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