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When our wellbeing is suffering it can make us feel:

What would it feel like to:

Like we are not good enough

Scared to do or say the wrong thing

Physically and Mentally Exhausted

Have techniques to help yourself in the future

Enjoy doing what you love again

Feel more relaxed and happy

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Laura Mole Young People and Teenager Anxiety Counselling

Confidential, online counselling and OCD treatment for teenagers and adults.

How I Can Help


Teen Therapy Laura Mole

Confidential Support for teenagers from 13+

Adult Therapy Laura Mole_edited.png

Supportive, confidential help through difficult times

OCD Help ERP Laura Mole

Treatment and support for OCD and anxiety conditions.



Hi, I'm Laura, a qualified counsellor and OCD therapist working online, and face to face in Stanmore, North London.  I love my work and the different people I get to meet every day. 

Helping people to feel more confident about themselves, happier, and less worried is such a wonderful job, it's like no other. 

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