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School Supply

Mental Health Support Tailored To Your Organisation

School Workshops

For over 10 years I have worked in education in many different roles, from support staff, teaching, and counselling.  My whole family work in education as teachers, members of SLT or Heads of schools too!  This has given me a unique understanding of the education system and the wellbeing needs of employees, head teachers and the students who are in it. 


I'm passionate about providing effective, good quality mental health support in education and that's why I have developed various workshops to help support the mental wellbeing of staff, students and parents.


I run workshops and PHSE lessons on a range of subjects including:

An introduction to OCD - A CPD session for Staff

Topics covered include:


Learning how to spot OCD in School

How to help the student

How to help the family

Support plan designs

Assembly Ideas

Resources and links

"Putting on your own lifejacket" - Looking after your own wellbeing when working in education.


Topics covered include:


The importance of wellbeing self- care when you work in an educational setting

  • Why this is different to other professions

  • Unique instances that may cause a reduction in wellbeing


Stress points, your signs and symptoms and how to notice them

  • Signs and symptoms of reduced wellbeing

  • Triggers during certain times of the year

  • Growing our self-awareness


Increasing and maintaining your own wellbeing

  • Emotional Resilience techniques

  • Toolkit ideas for staff

  • Action points to enable long term wellbeing changes

  • Additional support

"Supporting children’s’ wellbeing at school" - A workshop for people who work with chidren 


Topics covered include:

  • Getting in to the mindset of your children

  • Current issues facing primary aged children returning to or starting school in 2020

  • Signs and symptoms of a child struggling with their wellbeing

  • Ways to enable easy communication of the students emotions

  • Effective listening

  • Student toolkits and activities to incorporate in to lesson plans

  • Referral and Safeguarding

  • Additional Support

"The psychology of likes" - A workshop for staf and parents or a PHSE lesson for 11+ pupils on Social Media use and mental health

Topics covered include:

  • The psycology of why social media is so addictve (it's fascinating!)

  • The true effects of apps and screentime on mental health (not just the propoganda)

  • Signs there is an issue with social media use

  • How to support yourself or a teenager around social media

  • Referal and safeguarding

Other topics for workshops and PHSE lessons I cover are:

WhatsApp and my teenager



Improving Sleep 


Body Image

Exam Stress

Self-care for staff working with SEN students

and more...

These can all be tailored to specific issues you are finding in your organisation.


Please get in touch for more information and to discuss your needs.

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