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ERP Therapy and more...

As someone who knows OCD like the back of my hand, I want you to know that you're not alone. I understand how challenging and distressing OCD can be, I used to be where you are. I am here to offer you effective treatment, and the space to process the trauma that goes with this condition.

Common distressing intrusive thoughts include: 

  • Causing harm to yourself or your family intentionally or accidentally

  • Catching a disease or dying

  • Sexual intrusions about family members, children, pets or others

  • Being a bad person

  • Thinking you don't love or care for your partner

Common things you might be doing to reduce your anxiety:

  • Seeking reassurance (am I a bad person?)"

  • Avoiding situations that could trigger the thoughts

  • Washing yourself excessively if you feel "contaminated"

  • Going over situations in your mind (mental lists or checking)

  • Going to police stations or to hospital

  • Counting, repeating phrases, rhymes or prayers

And so many more things...

NO - YOU'RE NOT "WEIRD", or "CRAZY".  You don't need to go to jail or be sectioned. This is OCD.


OCD is one of the world's top 10 most debilitating health conditions, and it's so often mis-diagnosed, and misunderstood.  It's not just washing hands or liking things neat and tidy (I never had these subtypes).  For most OCD sufferers, it takes a long while to find the right treatment path, and that just drags out the torture, am I right?  I know OCD inside out.  I know it's tricks, where it hides, and I can show you what to do to fight this thing.  Recovery IS possible.

With the gold standard treatment of ERP therapy, you and I will work together to overcome OCD, and I will be there with you every step of the way, providing emotional support and tailoring our treatment options to suit your unique needs. Let's take this journey towards recovery together.

ERP - Exposure Response Prevention


ERP, or Exposure and Response Prevention, is a therapeutic technique that can help manage OCD symptoms and even lead to full recovery. It involves gradually facing feared situations or triggers while learning to resist the urge to engage in compulsive behaviours.


It may sound scary, but when done right with the help of a trained professional, ERP has very high success rates. I follow the NHS recommended treatment program. Remember, you're not alone in this. There is support and help available to you.

Resources, and other support

IOCDF - The international OCD foundation is a great place to go for comprehensive information.  It is a leader in the research and development into effective treatments, and has a wealth of information for sufferers and their families.

OCD UK is a national charity providing support, advocacy and information on OCD.

NOCD is a therapist website where you can get online therapy if you want to, but what I find really useful about this site is it's OCD articles and blog.  Take a look!

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