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Here are some resources to start to help the difficult emotions you are facing during the coronavirus outbreak.  I will be adding more week by week, so please check back soon for updates.

Watch the introduction on my Anxiety Help series to get an idea of what the videos are about.

Video 1 takes you through the 4 5 6  breathing technique which is a powerful tool for reducing heightened stress or even a panic attack.

Video 2 is the 5 4 3 2 1 grounding technique.  It quickly engages your senses in a practical task to reduce the effects of your anxiety.

Video 3 is "Jelly Body", a deep relaxation technique to reset your stress levels, and to help you drift off to sleep.

The last video gives you some useful further resources.

Physical Anxiety Control Videos

Useful Links

Download my Anxiety Grounding Techniques to start calming the anxiety you may be feeling

Psychology Tools have put together this amazing free guide Living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty.

Destress with some intense muscle relaxation from ""

Take a look at some practicle ways to cope if you're struggling from The Samaritans website

Leave me a comment with any resources you would like me to add here.

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